The Big Event

“Yet another Sportability Experience where disability disappears and living takes over” – Charlie Hampshire

At the core of everything we do – the very heart of Sportability- is our events programmes. These are the activities organised throughout the regions of the UK where the Sportability Experience comes alive.

Remember: It is not about creating elite sportsmen and women.  It is about the adrenaline rush, putting the buzz back into a life corralled by the wheelchair, walking sticks or crutches.

So whether total beginner, never ever, or someone returning to an activity in a ‘new’ body you are welcome to come along. It’s all about ‘taster’ days and trying things out.

You’ll meet some great people and have a genuinely good time. What is guaranteed is that you will surprise yourself.

“I’ve had a wonderful 2 months since joining Sportability. I have met a host of incredible people, and had some amazing experiences. I feel that my life is beginning to start again with my MS no longer being a brick in my pocket!” – Mandy, Bournemouth

So choose your sport either by region or activity (or even both) and we look forward to creating some memorable times together.

Sportability: Taking the ‘dis’ out of disability!







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