In Sportability we recognise that in order to achieve our goals we need to involve volunteers.  We regard our volunteers as a valuable resource and encourage them to get involved at all levels of the organisation and within all appropriate activities. We aim to guide, support and supervise our volunteers to the best of our abilities, and to act quickly and fairly if difficulties arise. 

Sportability will consider involving anyone as a volunteer. Individuals must, however, be able to demonstrate a commitment to the aims of the organisation and will only be taken on if their skills, abilities and ambitions as volunteers match the needs of the organisation.  

Volunteers are treated as full members of Sportability and are treated as equally and fairly as paid staff.  Volunteers are provided with appropriate work sites and have access to the space, equipment and facilities necessary to undertake the roles assigned to them effectively and comfortably. 

Working times are negotiated between Sportability and the volunteer and are as flexible as the tasks allow.  

Volunteers are expected to work within the policies and procedures of Sportability and adhere to its ethos. As representatives of the organisation, they are responsible for presenting a positive image of Sportability to the outside world. 

Volunteers must seek the prior approval in writing of Sportability before undertaking any act or activity that might reasonably be expected to affect the organisation. This includes but is not limited to making statements to the press or entering into joint initiatives with other bodies or agreements involving contractual or financial obligations. 

Sportability respects the volunteer’s right to privacy and confidentiality. In turn, volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all privileged information to which they are made aware of or become aware of while volunteering with Sportability.. 

A system of records is maintained on all volunteers and those records are accorded the same confidentiality as staff records. 

Any voluntary service is at the absolute discretion of Sportability. Sportability may, at any time, and for whatever reason, decide to terminate volunteer’s relationships with the organisation. Similarly, volunteers may at any time, and for whatever reason, decide to terminate their relationships with Sportability. Notice of such decisions should be communicated to the other party at the earliest opportunity, preferably in writing. 

Volunteers are recruited on a pro-active basis by the organisation. Potential volunteers may also apply speculatively to Sportability. Volunteers are recruited in accordance with Sportability’s equal opportunities policy. All volunteers are required to complete an application process. 

Like paid staff, volunteers will be provided with a clear and accurate description of the tasks and responsibilities they are expected to undertake. Formal appointments are made only after the role description has been agreed and all necessary checks have proved acceptable.  

Sportability believes that clear lines of communication should operate in both directions and should exist formally and informally. Volunteers will be afforded access to all appropriate information, memos, materials and meetings relevant to their assignments as determined by Sportability. Volunteers will be consulted on all decisions that would materially affect their volunteering conditions. 

Volunteers who do not adhere to the organisation’s rules, regulations and requirements or who fail to perform their volunteer assignments satisfactorily may be subject to dismissal. No volunteers’ involvement will be terminated in writing until the volunteer has been afforded an opportunity to discuss the reasons for possible dismissal with their supervisor. Grounds for dismissal include, but are not limited to, the following: gross misconduct, being under the influence of drugs (including alcohol), theft, misuse of equipment and materials, abuse of clients OR co-workers, breaches of confidentiality, failure to abide by Sportability policies and procedures and failure to complete duties to a satisfactory standard. 

If volunteers are not satisfied that issues relating to their volunteering are being handled appropriately, they are entitled to submit a written complaint and to have their concerns reviewed by the management. The management will discuss the issues raised by any such complaint as soon as practical after receiving the same and respond to such complaint and take such action as is considered appropriate.  

Volunteers provide a unique service to the Charity, the benefits of which are difficult to quantify. It is essential that their efforts are recognised and rewarded. Sportability staff are responsible for thanking all volunteers informally on a regular basis for the valuable contributions that they make to the organisation. Sportability management is responsible for ensuring that more formalised recognition takes place at key times. 

Volunteers give their time and skills free of charge.  Sportability offers to reimburse any expenses they may incur in the course of undertaking voluntary work for the organisation. Current rates and procedures for claiming expenses are agreed by the management and publicised to all volunteers.