Archery, Sailing, Canoeing & Quadbiking

Area Organisers – David Levick & Neil Wood

We’re delighted to announce the extension of our activity programmes with a brand new region –  the North Midlands. This will also take in north Derbyshire – roughly the Sheffield, Rotherham, Worksop, Chesterfield loop – and we’re hoping to reach a lot more people in this part of England.

David and Neil have been an avid participants in the Sportability programmes around the country, even staying at hotels over-night to participate the next day in gliding, shooting and quadbiking. They were so inspired by the experience that they got in touch with us to look at ways of developing a programme of events around their ‘homeland’ area of Chesterfield. They are both dedicated to bringing sport to more people with paralysis and have already organised quadbiking, archery, sailing and canoeing in this new region.

Now we are looking at other sports to add to the calendar. And remember: Beginners or Never Evers are more than welcome. It’s about pushing the envelope and seeing what you will achieve.

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