This has been one of Sportability’s pioneering events, and over the last few years we’ve built up a programme of ‘try dives’, overseas expeditions and internationally approved qualification for our people.

The ‘try dives’ are exactly that. They are a taster of what it is like to swim underwater in the safe confines of the swimming pool. Sounds mundane, but believe me the thrill is uncanny. Laying on the bottom slowly breathing and watching that action above is a unique experience. And you’ll have dedicated dive ‘buddies’ assisting you to this introduction to a whole new world.

Then if scuba is for you there are fully certifiable courses available, and we’ll put you in touch with Handicapped Scuba Association qualified instructors.

The next step is to take part in one our overseas expeditions to either Florida or the Red Sea. None of the extensive training will prepare you for the fantastic sights that abound when you dive in the warm, clear waters in these fabulous resorts. And with your newly acquired dive qualification you are licensed to dive and hire equipment at resorts around the world. It will certainly open up other worlds.

If you are interested in trying or would like more information about Scuba please call us on 0208 959 0089 or email us via our activities contact form.

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