Becoming A Corporate Partner

By supporting Sportability, you will be helping to re-build those lives that are shattered by paralysis. Your company will be showing a commitment to supporting a very special group of people, whether locally, in your particular geographic area of influence, or nationally. This support can have a very positive effect on your company image with staff, clients and shareholders.

Sportability strives to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners in the areas we work. Strong corporate partnerships can bring enhanced benefits to your business, our Charity, the wider community, and most importantly, our beneficiaries.


Why not become one of our supporting companies and see how our charity and your organisation can benefit from our partnering opportunities? Here are just a few ideas on how we can work together:

Charity of the Year

We can help you to achieve your strategic CSR objectives while having the benefit of being associated with our work to help people living with paralysis.


With a number of events throughout the year, you can improve your visibility in the local community and demonstrate your company’s commitment to making a real and positive impact.


Whether you can provide us with a prize we can auction or a venue for one of our events, donations in kind allow us to channel our funds to creating more events.

Sponsored Materials:teardrop (2)

Are you able to sponsor a banner or contribute towards the cost of our publicity material? This will help us to publicise our events, as well as your company and services, to our community.

Prize Giving

Could you or your company help?

During the course of the year our Charity will be involved in several fundraising events.  We have our series of East Anglia Golf Tournaments and a Surrey based tournament.  Then we are occasionally invited to other events e.g. the Institute of Directors’ Annual Sporting Dinner;  the British Travel Trade Golf Masters Tournament; and the Farnham and Weyside Marathon and Half Marathon event.

For many of these events, we are required to supply prizes or auction items as further means of raising funds.  Several companies have consistently helped us by donating stock items, which may then be used as prizes for events raffles and auctions.

Could you or your company provide something?  No matter how small (a collection of company pens), or how large (we have received a monster television) it all helps.  It could be that you have some spare tickets for a show?  Or a couple of seats at your football club?  Maybe you could get a complimentary round of golf from your golf club?  It could be prosaic as a bottle of wine, or exotic as a foreign holiday.

What you can be sure of, is that these items will add value, and again could raise much needed funds, to support the valuable work that we do.