Archery, Sailing, Clay shooting, Quadbiking and Multi-Motorsport. 

Area Organiser – Sophie Turley

Hailing from the Dorset & Hants stable is Sophie Turley. A great enthusiast for all things Sportability, Sophie moved to the Kent & Sussex area last year. And what a year we had!  Archery, and clay pigeon shooting; sailing and multi-motorsports days. Sophie has plans for much more of the same, plus gliding and scuba-diving this coming season.

Our motorsports days with the Ian Wright Organisation, near West Malling, were terrific. For starters, there are over 250 acres of wonderful woodland, fields, orchards, hillsides, valleys, tracks, steeps and open grassland for us to play in. Mix in 10 acres of forest and you have an impressive terrain.

Then there’s the range of kit available. We are all familiar with quadbikes – one of the signature events of Sportability. But the boys at IWO added adapted 4×4 Landrovers for a true off- road experience and some specially adapted kit that will blow your mind and get the pulses racing. All are dual control with accompanied instruction, but having sampled it we can tell you that this is something to be experienced!

Sailing is with the Bough Beech Sailing Club, which is located some 30 miles from central London and a short drive east along the M25 from Redhill. The Club is based on a beautifully located 250 acre lake, nestling in the hillside between Edenbridge and Sevenoaks. A great bunch of people they hosted us for six Saturdays last year and promise more to come.

Archery, and clay pigeon shooting were held with the guys from Outdoor Pursuits UK, at Sittingbourne. Phil and his team really welcomed us.

They offer both 20 bore and 12 bore shotguns. You can choose between the more traditional over and under style or semi automatic guns are also available. All shot is using low recoil cartridges.

Don’t worry if you have never held a bow or a shotgun in your hand before, never sailed or sat on a quadbike.  Just be ready to be amazed at what you can achieve.

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