Bristol & Gloucestershire, Kent & East Sussex 

The thrill of a lifetime! Whether soaring high over the beautiful Cotswolds, riding the thermals around the Peak District or the taking an aerial view of the flatlands and wetlands of East Anglia this is an exhilarating experience. Sure the take-off and landing seem a bit hairy for first timers, but when you are up up and away there is nothing like it. There’s also the chance of some stunning and truly different photography.

For some years now we have been working very successfully with the Cotswold Gliding Club at Aston Down. We’re delighted to say that we will again be offering this facility so please see the diary for details.

If you are interested in trying or would like more information about Gliding please call us on 0208 959 0089 or email us via our activities contact form.

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