Taking the ‘dis’ out of disability
 The Sportability Experience helps to re-build confidence

Our Charity has one aim – to provide sport and challenging pursuits for people with paralysis – typically people who have had a spinal cord injury, stroke or have M.S.  It is not about creating elite sportsmen and women.  It is about the adrenaline rush, putting the buzz back into a life corralled by the wheelchair, walking sticks or crutches.

The Sportability Experience helps to re-build confidence, restore self-esteem and re-assess their capabilities, which carries through to everyday living.  It is not just access to activities, but the social mix, the acceptance and sense of achievement that are empowering.

For the immediate future the Charity has two main objectives: To provide a greater range of sports (indoor and out) in the existing regions; and to offer programmes in more regions.  We want people with paralysis to have access to sport throughout the UK. The ultimate aim is to bring the Sportability Experience within an hour’s drive of the main population areas of the UK, so we are also looking to develop in South Wales, the North East, and Northern Ireland

In 2019 the Charity organised some 81 events in 15 regions

Our Goal: To provide a range of accessible sports in more areas of the UK for people with paralysis.

Our Credo: To take the ‘dis’ out of disability; focus on ability; inspiring the thought, “If I can do this, what else can I achieve?”