Let’s make August – Sportability Fundraising Month
A Fun Fundraiser for your Charity

Here’s a thought: Why don’t we make August a Fundraising Month?

Many of you will be browning the burgers, charring the chops and singeing the sausages in the sunshine (ahem) of this August. So why not simply ask your guests to make a small donation in thanks for their fantastic meal? Maybe even have a raffle?

One of our Area Organisers, Jane Mackenzie holds an annual coffee morning – nothing fancy cakes and coffee – and raises an amazing amount for the cause we all believe in – Sportability!

So, if you are only vaguely thinking of firing up the charcoal and having a few friends round, just do it!

And if we could all have a barbecue and an appeal for some funds it will collectively make a real difference.

You know that anything you contribute goes to putting on more of our great events, meaning that even more people can enjoy the benefits of fresh air, fun, sport, achievement, social interaction and a sense of well being that comes with the unique Sportability Experience.


So, invite all your friends and family and let’s see how much our team efforts can raise.

Every little helps – Lets do this!!!


David, Valerie and Fatema
And the whole Sportability Team