We are thrilled and a little in awe of our stalwart member, Jane Mackenzie, who has managed to raise the Magnificent sum of £600 for Sportability at her recently held coffee morning. In Jane’s own words read how Sportability has changed her attitude and life:-

“When you become confined to a wheelchair, you could be forgiven for thinking that life as you once knew it is over and from now on it’s a matter of making the best of a bad job. I won’t lie, I have definitely had those moments and in those moments the future does seem very bleak.

Then in April of last year I discovered a wonderful charity called Sportability. The Sportability tag line is taking the “dis” out of disability, but they do so much more than that, Sportability has quite literally changed my life. jane mac in mid-stream

Many of you will have seen the pictures & videos I have posted of me water skiing, quad biking, blokarting, gliding, flying, canoeing and so much more. Behind all those activities is a wonderful crew, who bend over backwards to prove to you that your disability is no obstacle in getting out there and just doing it! Somewhere between the activities & these wonderful people my attitude to being in the chair has changed & life in general is so much the happier now.

Given that they have given so much to me, I wanted to give something back to them, to say thank you & in some way help them to carry on doing what they do so well.

Thank you one & all
Jane x”

Jane we thank you!