A day of powered flying at Tatenhill had Jo Frank exclaiming; “The sweat was pouring off my hands!”

“What an absolutely incredible day! I’m speechless and still buzzing after the flying at Tatenhill”, Jo reported of the Sportability event last Friday 7th June in Tatenhill near Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.

The instructor seems to have proved a big hit, too: “The instructor was fabulous and everyone so friendly and welcoming. The concentration required in the cockpit was awesome.”

“She’s all yours!”

Jo continued; “One of the best moments was when we hit turbulence flying over Carsington Water, and the sweat was pouring off my hands, and I said to the instructor “oh god! I think you’d better take over” and he replied “oh no. She’s all yours! I’ve got my eyes closed..!!” 🤣😂🤣

“He was so experienced and brilliant at exuding confidence and calmness!”

Sportability events are designed to give people experiences that put the buzz back into life, aligning with the mantra of ‘Taking the ‘dis’ out of disability’.

“What an amazing privilege!”

Alongside the thrill of the adventure was a bit of learning, as Jo told us;

“I really learnt so much in that relatively short space of time…”trimming the plane” to keep her as balanced as possible.

“But to actually have the chance to fly a plane, what an amazing privilege and experience, which was only made possible through this amazing charity.”

“Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I will remember it forever. I’m still smiling about the flight experience. It was truly awesome. And now, facing all my fears absolutely head on…….awesome!”

We’re glad you had this experience, Jo.

If you are new to Sportability and would like to join in one of our activities please contact Valerie or Ann on 07305 047 533 or e-mail us at info@sportability.org.uk