Our Signature Sponsors

These are the people who are really committed to the Sportability cause.  Some of our Service Providers – the people who actually put on our events – are among our greatest supporters.  Not only do they have the prime position of delivering the Sportability Experience time after time, but many of them are ambassadors for the Charity.

Some go that extra mile and donate vouchers for use of their services in our fundraising activities, and even fundraise themselves. They are truly helping others to ‘live the dream’!

Others are companies or organisations (like our golf tournament providers) who identify with the Charity and support us year after year.

We are eternally grateful for their vital contributions.


For over 20 years Signwaves have provided signage and advertising displays for the Charity. They have raised funds through appeals and staff challenges and plan a major fundraising event to mark their 25th anniversary.

“I was captivated and inspired by Sportability’s work. The process of rebuilding lives shattered by paralysis and how rehabilitation through sport can make such a difference, have touched all of us in Signwaves. We are delighted to have played a part in supporting the Charity’s extremely valuable work and look forward to continuing to do so in the future”.  – Mark Ford, CEO

barratts-logoSupporter of the Charity since its inception, in 1989 they  provided the seed corn funding for the development of their local region— the East Midlands. Barratts continue to provide funds on an annual basis for that full sports programme.

Paralysis is life changing but it does not have to mean an end to sport, adventure and pushing the boundaries.  Sportability enable fun and adventure to continue after paralysis and Barratt Goff & Tomlinson are proud to be supporters.”  – David Tomlinson, Senior Partner

sponsor-royal-norwichFor 15 years the prestigious Royal Norwich Golf Club has supported Sportability with fundraising tournaments. They also donate vouchers to be used for auction at other fundraising events. The opportunity to play at this superb venue thereby adds value and further revenue.

The Sportability day is always very special. Apart from generating funds, it is gratifying to convert the enthusiasm of our members and guests for our sport into a real opportunity for a paralysed person to participate in the full sports programme that Sportability offers. Using sport to turn people back onto life is the ultimate challenge and we’re proud to be part of that.”  – Phil Grice, General Manager.

crestArsenal Football Club has been a supporter of Sportability for almost a decade. Their contribution of signed memorabilia – photos, footballs and shirt – has significantly helped our fund-raising efforts over those years.