FAQ & Feedback

Q:   I am a wheelchair user, how will I get on and off the equipment?

A:   Getting people on and off quad bikes, in to and out of canoes and gliders is something that we have been doing for over 25 years.  For some of the equipment like sailing clubs, there are usually hoists available.  But for quad biking, canoeing, gliding etc., it’s a question of helping you with the most efficient transfer.  There is always plenty of assistance available and it hasn’t yet been a problem.

“What can I say? It’s crazy, beyond my wildest dreams, just brilliant, a fantastic day, and I don’t know when I’m going to come back down to earth.  Anybody out there wanting to do this, just try, just do it!”  Simone – North London

Q:   My son is 10 years old and would like to join in some of the activities.

A:   The Sportability programme is limited to adults only (i.e. 18 years of age minimum) as we do not have the training or the skill-set required to work with young people.  Furthermore, many of our Service Providers will not work with people under the age of 18 or even 16.  However, there are many young peoples’ clubs around the country that will provide a programme.

“I’m 19 and a wheelchair user.  I have just had the best day of quadbiking, clay pigeon shooting and archery. I’ve also driven a 4×4 been BloKart sailing, canoeing, microlight flying, and skydiving. I just want to say a huge thank you. Sportability Rocks!” Jack – Hertfordshire

Q:    I don’t have any transport to get to the events.

A:    Sadly, Sportability can’t help you in that respect.  As you can appreciate, our resources are expended on providing a very comprehensive range of activities around many regions of the UK.  While we are spreading the programme widely, it is still implicit that people will get themselves to and from the events.

“Yet another Sportability Experience where disability disappears and living takes over.”   Charles  – Hampshire

Q:   How much does it cost to participate?
    Sportability events are completely free of charge to all people who are within our remit – some form of paralysis, typically spinal cord injury, stroke or MS.   We do not want cost ever to be a barrier to participation.

“I’ve had a wonderful 2 months since joining Sportability  I have met a host of incredible people, and had some amazing experiences. I feel that my life is beginning to start again with my MS no longer being a brick in my pocket!” Mandy – West Sussex

Q:   Can my friends/family/partner/personal assistant participate?

A:   While we welcome the social aspect of Sportability activities, and encourage friends and family etc., we cannot provide for them to participate except in certain circumstances a) if the instructors running the event feel there is sufficient time and it is not detracting from the maim programme and b) that a charge is made for this participation.  This may in some cases (such as the flying events) be the full cost of the activity.  In other cases, we would require a donation from the participating family member, friend etc.

“Sportability has helped to change my life for the better in so many ways, and has raised my expectations of what I can still achieve!   I have been on many events over the last few years and they continue to help make my dreams possible. I can’t say thank you enough.” Grant –  Surrey

Q:   We belong to a group and would like to come along together.  Can we book up?

A:    We cannot accept group bookings as such.  If you want your group to come along then they must each apply in their own name.  However, if you would like to consider an exclusive booking for your particular group of people then we can sometimes arrange this, but there is of course a cost involved.

Q:    I’d like to take up the sport on a more regular basis.

A:    Why not come along for a taster day and then, if you are ‘hooked’, there are usually ways and means of continuing the activity.  We have had people who’ve sampled an activity with Sportability and then gone on to be dedicated archers, sailors, shooters and flyers.

“I used to be a pilot. Disability put paid to that. Then Sportability introduced me to sailing and now I can ‘fly’ solo again. Thank you.”  Deryck – Gloucestershire

Q:    Why do you only work with certain conditions?

A:    We are a British Registered Charity which means that our Objects are agreed with the Charity Commission.  Funds are raised to support activities for that particular group of people – in our case, people with various forms of paralysis. We would, therefore, be in breach of our prescribed remit if we were to take people with other conditions on our events.  However, there are other Charities that specialise in for example, sport for people who have sight problems or amputees etc.